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About us

Topsail is a comprehensive enterprise integrating of production, sales, trade, after sales and others, which mainly involves in the scopes of comestics, pharmacy, food, chemical and other industries, the founder team has profound background in the technology field and work experience in the large foreign enterprises of the Unites States and Europe.
Our team has rich industrial experience since 1998, Topsail Automation adheres to the detailed system of enterprise production and operating management by the excelsior “spirit of the craftsman”, on the base of standardization and specification, take the core of guarantee ing mechanism by innovation, guarantees the enterprise culture, let the craftsman spirit fully fills all the members, realize the fusion of excelsior traditional spirit and modern industry.
The super technology supplies the top products to the customers, as the supplier of total solution, we supply a variety of single devices, which have the characteristics of automatic process, production technology control, MESSI executive management and data collection, production data analysis and online statement and others, we completely supply the comprehensive solutions for the online M2M, M2B and other digital factories.
Topsail Automation adheres to the service concept of “good to excellent care, keep the faith in heart”, believes the value concept of “success depends on the details, honesty sets up the commercial ethics”. In recent 20 years, we witness and participate the developing process of Chinese manufacture, with the era of internet big data comes, we believe the Chinese industrial field will be got a rapid update and change, therefore, the company aims at supplying the high quality, intelligent complete devices and solutions, expect to create the industrial 4.0 era with the customers.