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Management system of central data

Characteristics of central production controlling system
Comprehensive layout
Standardized project management system
WinCC controlling syste
Brand-new control
TOPSAIL SYSTEM provides the complete monitoring and data collection for the industrial field, the top production assembles are adopted by the mutual experience between the people and machine, in addition, they also provide all kinds of functional extended systems.
Our service is on the base of the concept of the whole line output starting from the design of factory layout, product research and development, production and manufacturing, which not only let the system has the standard and reusable components, but also has the opening system structure to help the components in all production lines can maximally adapt to the requirements of continuous industrial production development. The modular system products can farthest guarantee the compatibility of all kinds of integrated technical applications, from the basis to guarantee the mutual application of all types of new technology in the industrial manufacturing field.
The main support has the following functions
Online quality control, data retrospect
Management system of error-prevention ingredient
Online compounding and pre- compounding
Online feeding and mixed production
Online CIP clean