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Bottle washing machine

Manual bottle loading, intermittent positioning of internal and external flushing, two water washings, and one air blow to ensure that high pressure water column and compressed air are accurately sprayed into the bottle. The first washing process uses tap water, and the second one uses pure water (pure water is equipped with a water tank) , Recyclable), the third pass uses air blowing, which is used to dry water droplets and improve drying efficiency.
The main parameters
Working efficiency: 2000 ~ 4000 bottles / hour
Motor power: 1.5kw (Panasonic inverter speed control)
Pump power: 0.75kw * 2
Washing water pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.4Mpa
Dimensions (length * width * height):
Applicable bottle body:
Bottle diameter <80mm
Bottle mouth diameter> 5mm
Bottle height <200mm
Note: This equipment needs to use the mold for the bottle with special specifications.