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Perfume freeze filtration equipment

I、Perfume Freezing Filter Overview
This product is our company's introduction of advanced technology from abroad for the clarification and filtration of liquids such as lotions and perfumes. It is an ideal equipment for cosmetics factories to filter lotions and perfumes. The material of this product is made of high-quality 304-2B stainless steel or 316L stainless steel, and a pneumatic diaphragm pump imported from the United States is used as a pressure source for positive pressure filtration. The connecting pipes are made of sanitary polished pipe fittings, all of which adopt the quick-fit connection type, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. The use of polypropylene microporous filter membrane is widely used in the cosmetics industry, scientific research departments, hospitals, laboratories and other units to clarify and sterilize a small amount of liquid, or trace chemical analysis.
II、Perfume freeze filter standard configuration 
♦ Stainless steel insulated freezer and titanium coil
♦ Ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit (import)
♦ Anticorrosive pneumatic diaphragm pump (imported)
Polypropylene microporous filter membrane (optional plate and frame filter)
♦ Stainless steel moving bracket
♦ Sealed electric control system and sanitary pipe valve
III、Widely used industry
Cosmetics industry: cosmetic water, perfume, essence
Pharmaceutical industry: oral solution, medicinal solution and various infusions
Food industry: wine, beverages, etc.

XS perfume freezer
Technical Parameters
Model XS-100 XS-200 XS-300 XS-500 XS-1000
Freezing power 3p 3p 3-5p 5-1 Op 10-15p
Freezing capacity 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Filtration accuracy 1-0.1μm 1-0.1 μm 1-0.1 μm 1-0.1 μm 1-0.1μm